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I love to find and share with my readers great books by great authors (new to me or already loved).  It is for that reason that I do book blogging and reviewing.  I am more than happy to review books for authors, whether they are self-published or not.  My reading genre is wide open from YA to Erotica.  I particularly love Paranormal and Urban Fantasy.  Please note that Erotica reviews will be published at my sister blog Cafe Smexy.  I will, however post romance and every other genre here at this blog.

My preferred review format is .mobi or pdf, though I will accept print.

Turn around time of reviews will depend on my reading schedule and length of submitted work.  Unfortunately I cannot guarantee a set time that the review will be published but I will try to do it in a timely manner and remain in contact with the person who sent the book for review to let them know where I stand on the project.

Please feel free to contact me at for further information.

My review rating scale:

I review an “out of 5″ rating.  The ratings are as follows:

1/5 – could not finish or it was a struggle to finish

2/5 – an okay read, but nothing that I would overly recommend unless someone was deeply into that genre

3/5 – a really good read and one that I would recommend to fans of that genre – though it may not have totally blown me out of the water

4/5 – a great read and one that I would highly recommend

5/5 – perfection – well written, grabbed me and would not let me go – I book that I give my highest recommendation to

Where do I post my reviews?

Not only will I post my reviews on my reading blogs, but I will also re-post them on Amazon and Goodreads.  I also grant authors the  use of quotes from my reviews, but ask that I (April at Cafe of Dreams Book Reviews) receive credit for those quotes.  Also, if quotes are used, I greatly appreciate being contacted so that I may purchase that book and add it to my “review contributions” list.

Disclosure Policy:

Cafe of Dreams Book Reviews receives books and products to review in return for an honest and unbiased opinion.  The opinions and reviews are the sole thoughts of myself and not anyone else.

I am not compensated, monetarily, to provide opinions on products, services, websites and various other topics. The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely mine.

This blog does not contain any content which might present a conflict of interest.

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6 thoughts on “Review Policy/Contact Form

    • Hi Maryellen! I actually do not charge anything for reviews. In return for a review copy of the book (digital or print) I provide an unbiased and honest review which I post on here, Amazon, Goodreads and also many authors have used quotes from my reviews on the book and/or the promo materials they use.

  1. I would love to have my book reviewed, but could not find an address where I could contact you. The yahoo one above didn’t work. If you could send me a contact address, I would appreciate it.

  2. Just sent along a submission for a review of my debut novel on your short form. The title is “Frame Up.”…Am making quite a splash with one FIVE STAR review after the next. Just wanted to make sure the short form went though as nothing popped up telling me it had…20 odd reviews in, all screamers…Here’s four links below that are typical…If you email your address I’ll attach the ebook for your review.
    Thanks so much,
    James Phoenix

    Hi there,
    If you’ll send me your email, DEE-LIGHTED to attach the e-book for “Frame Up,” the first in the “Fenway Burke” mystery series, (also in hard cover.).
    I have a PR firm involved but this submission I’m handling on my own…The genre is hard-boiled detective, but with a strong feminist twist.
    In the old noir novels, women were never anything more than broads and dames. My hero has a completely different point of view and reflects my own personal attitudes.
    There’s one hell of a back story to all of this ass well. Check out and see the “Story Behind the Story.” You’ll see exactly what I’m talking about, very dramatic…Our very first review was from Amazon’s #1 Hall of Fame Reviewer, Harriet Klausner…”FIVE STARS.” There’s 20 odd reviews in, DITTO.
    Here’s four links which are very typical, “Sons of Spade”, a site in the Netherlands, selected “Frame Up” as the “Debut Novel of the Year.”
    Hope to hear back from you,
    James Phoenix
    978-922-4918 UP

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