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A Cold Season (Library Hardback)

A Cold Season by Alison Littlewood

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  • Publisher: Jo Fletcher Books (December 22, 2011)

Cass is building a new life for herself and her young son Ben after the death of her soldier husband Pete, returning to the village where she lived as a child. But their idyllic new home is not what she expected: the other flats are all empty, there’s strange graffiti on the walls, and the villagers are a bit odd. And when an unexpectedly heavy snowstorm maroons the village, things get even harder. Ben is changing, he’s surly and aggressive and Cass’s only confidant is the smooth, charming Theodore Remick, the stand-in headmaster. Not everyone approves of Cass’s growing closeness to Mr Remick, and it soon becomes obvious he’s not all he appears to be either. If she is to protect her beloved son, Cass is going to have to fight back. Cass realises this is not the first time her family have been targeted by Theodore Remick. But this time, the stakes are immeasurably higher….

My thoughts:

I actually read this a couple of months ago and am just insanely lagging in my reviews, lol.  I have to say that I really enjoyed A Cold Season from start to finish.  I found it to be unique in the aspect that it was a story line that I have not visited repeatedly and it had a true horror aspect/feel to it, which I loved!  There are not many horror genre books out there today that I can say this about.

Ms. Littlewood does a fantastic job of creating a story of a widowed mother and her young child trying to begin a new life again in a place that was thought to be one of safety.  What takes place has Cass endlessly turning thoughts over and over in her head, trying to decide what is real and who to trust; trying to make a good life for her son when things are anything but making sense and making her feel safe and secure.

A Cold Season has a strong theme of evil woven throughout that underlies the entirety of the story.  With this being said, there is really no gore to speak of, just creepiness – which, for me, is a hard aspect to find in many books.  I love the fact that this story was able to creep me out, to a point, without wanting to make me gag with extreme violence.  The characters are very well written and I found myself liking Cass for the most part.  There were times I wanted to give her a good shake, but that fact just shows me that the author was able to create a character and a story that made me feel connected.  I also found the story to be written in a smooth way that had me wanting to continually read to see what happened next.  I also have to say that I liked how the ending was played out and the twists and turns that Ms. Littlewood used throughout her story.  I am anxious to read more by this author and would recommend A Cold Season to anyone looking for a creepy, not gory, read.

Rating 4

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