January’s Author of the Month: Christopher Smith!

Each month during 2013, I am going to highlight a new author.  The reason?  There are so many awesome authors out there that I have been dying to read and for whatever reason, never get to.  So I figured what a better way to fix this problem than spotlight those new-to-me authors, learn more about their work and read at least one of their works.  The authors that I choose will be ones that I have not yet read, but have been intrigued by the synopsis  of their books, been exposed to on Facebook, Twitter or via word of mouth from friends.  My goal is to share spotlights of these author’s books, perhaps an interview with them, and review at least one of their works.  I would LOVE for anyone who would like to participate to jump on board.  Please feel free to share your thoughts on each month’s author and if you read and review one of that author’s books, please share a link.  Even if the author of the month is not new to you, please share your thoughts and feelings on their work.

Who is the lucky author for January?  It is someone that I have been following on Facebook for quite some time.  His books sound excellent and very intriguing.  I even have a few on my Kindle that I have been itching to read, but have yet to get to.  Who is that person?  Christopher Smith!  In the coming days I will be sharing spotlights of his fabulous sounding books, excerpts, etc. I may also hold a poll for you to help me decide which of his books to indulge in, lol.  If you have read any of Mr. Smith’s work, please share what you have read and your thoughts on those works.

For now, here is a quickie bio and a few links that you can visit to begin getting to know Christopher Smith!

Image of Christopher SmithChristopher Smith is the #1 international best-selling author of “Fifth Avenue,” its sequels “Running of the Bulls” and “From Manhattan with Love,” as well as “Bullied,” “Revenge,” “Witch” and “War,” all four of which deal with the subject of bullying. His newest thriller is “A Rush to Violence,” which will be a three-book series. “Park Avenue” hits at the end of 2012. For fourteen years, Smith was the film critic for a major newspaper in the Northeast. For eight years, he appeared weekly on NBC affiliates, and two years nationally on the E! network. He has written over 4,000 reviews and he has been named Best Critic for 2010 by the MPA. He has published two previous books in his Netflix “Queued” series, which are compilations of hundreds of his film reviews. He lives in Maine.

Visit the following links for more info and connect with Christopher Smith:

Facebook ~ Amazon ~ Website ~ Twitter ~ Goodreads ~ Barnes and Noble

11 thoughts on “January’s Author of the Month: Christopher Smith!

  1. I have read all of Mr. Smith’s books including his latest, “You Only Die Twice”. I recommend you start with “Fifth Avenue”, but I warn you, you will not be able to stop there!

  2. I have just finished Fifth Avenue and LOVED it. Starting with Running of the Bulls. I heard of him on FB and decided to try it because it was free! I will buy others from him! Great author!

  3. I to have read all of his books-they are all so very good.Page turners. You made a great choice by choosing him. He actually seems to care about his readers- Gives away free books–signed copies of book and so on…

  4. with the exception of his last book ,I’ve read all his book.THEIr great fun to read and all page turners.I always start with the first and then work my way through.
    WITh my Kindle app I can read a new book every two days and usually do.Love finding new authors and not having to use the grocery money to do it lol.Loved them all

  5. I agree with Chris Satterthwaite. I too have read them all starting with “Fifth Avenue” and just completed the latest “You Only Die Twice”. Great books by great author and you won’t stop until you have read them all! Very solid thrillers.

  6. Christopher Smith is hands-down my favorite author. I have always been a picky reader. There are few authors’ books I actually enjoy. I have a hard time staying interested in books in their entirety. I do not have this problem with ANY of Christopher’s books. They have me hooked from beginning to end. He has a way with words and providing the perspective of many different characters. I feel like I’ve known the characters for years and can feel what they feel.

    He is an amazing author who is very interactive with his fans, especially through Facebook. He communicates with his readers, provides announcements, asks for opinions, shares news, and does giveaways. Amazing author and an amazing person! You will not be disappointed by his books.

  7. Chris’ books are rollercoaster rides! Ups and downs, twists and turns and an absolute thrill ride! Every last one of them are page turners. Start with Fifth Ave and go from there.

  8. I first read the “bullied” series and was immediately drawn in! Christopher is an excellent writer! His books draw you in and hold you like a vice! I’m currently awaiting the publication of Park Avenue.! As someone else said, Christopher cares abut his readers.. He has drawings for paperback books, Kindles, IPads! He actually responds when you leave a message on his Facebook page! He’s the greatest! To anyone who hasn’t read any of his books…..you don’t know what you’re missing!

  9. I am a HUGE Christopher Smith fan, I anxiously wait for new releases, then can put it down, and then get kinda sad when I get to the end.

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